Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction Map Series

Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction Map Series - Wall Map

Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction
Map Series - Wall Map [PDF 53MB]

Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction -around Australia Map

Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction
around Australia Map [PDF 45MB]

Maritime Jurisdiction Maps

Geoscience Australia has produced a series of 28 electronic maps which depict Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction.

This map series was produced in consultation with the Attorney-General's Department and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to illustrate Australia's maritime limits. The standard scale for this map series is 1:1 500 000.

The maritime limits depicted on these maps are derived from the Australian Maritime Boundaries (2006) digital data updated to include the result of the 2008 recommendations by the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf External site link on Australia's submission for extended continental shelf.

Geoscience Australia is committed to the maintenance of the maritime boundaries data to ensure it reflects the changing nature of Australia's coastline and hence the various maritime zone limits. The data reflects the location of the coastline within the constraints of available source material at the time of production. In the event of an inconsistency between these maps and the baseline and limits under the legislation, the latter prevails.

The majority of the maps are intended for reproduction at A0 poster size. To maintain the quality of the printed product, the PDF files range in size from 18 to 115MB. The file size for each map is indicated below each map. For ease of reproduction, the files are delivered in PDF format.

Special Map Series

In addition to the standard map series, a number of non standard special maps have been produced. These maps have been produced to illustrate particular elements of the Australian maritime jurisdiction that did not fit within the constraints of the 1:1 500 000 scales standard series. The majority of these maps have been developed for production at A0 poster size. The three large banner maps have been produced for production on 1050mm width plotters. The largest plot, when plotted at this size will be 3.3 metres long.

1:1 500 000 Map Series

Special Map Series