Petroleum Data Repository

Geoscience Australia houses one of the world's largest collections of petroleum data. Much of this data is non-confidential and available to the petroleum industry, research organisations and the public. The collection includes seismic survey data and well data submitted by industry under legislative requirements as well as data collected by research projects and marine surveys undertaken by Geoscience Australia or other government agencies or institutions.

The collections comprise three kinds of data:

  • Physical specimens and samples of geoscience material such as samples from petroleum wells and stratigraphic holes, down hole drill cores and cuttings, onshore side wall core samples, thin sections, reservoir plugs, liquid and gas hydrocarbon samples
  • Digital data such as:
    • 2D and 3D seismic survey field data, navigation data, processed data, velocity data, observer's logs, operational reports, processing reports, bathymetry data, potential field data (gravity and magnetic)
    • well completion reports, well logs, destructive analysis reports, vertical seismic profiles, core photography, special studies
    • databases compiled from data/reports/interpretations from government activities or submitted by industry under legislation.
  • Hard-copies submitted during the pre-digital era including seismic sections and other analogue formats.

Search for Petroleum Data

Geoscience Australia has developed the National Offshore Petroleum Information Management System (NOPIMS) as an online data discovery and delivery system for all Australian offshore petroleum wells and surveys.

NOPIMS has recently moved to a new system so as to offer more functionality to users. No registration is required to access seismic and well related information acquired in Commonwealth Waters. The system is compatible with all major browsers and includes an intuitive interface, predictive search boxes and HTML 5 Map which means that the map can be accessed on all platforms including tablets and mobiles. Although this is public data, fees are charged to cover the cost of transcription and delivery. See the current Price Schedule [PDF 73KB] [DOC 313KB].

NOPIMS has currently been populated with header information for over 8300 wells and 3000 surveys and will be progressively updated as new activities occur. The system holds all digital open file data for wells, a selection of reports and open file digital data for survey activities (including reprocessed ones).Over the next months, paper documents, legacy data submitted on 7 and 9.5 track reels, field data and large SEGY datasets as well as information on petroleum mining samples held at Geoscience Australia was migrated to the NOPIMS 2018 platform In the meantime, these items can be requested directly from Geoscience Australia by contacting

The related information provides various links to our partners and State and Territories geoscience agencies as well as links and related information about Geoscience Australia and its partners.