AusGeo News  December 2006  Issue No. 84


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In this issue...


icon - offshore article Extra $75m for offshore oil work

Energy Security Initiative boosts exploration. >>More | Download PDF



icon-onshore article Onshore Energy Security Program underway

New insights will encourage exploration. >>More | Download PDF



icon - tanami article Tanami – North Australia Project wraps up

New datasets reveal geological evolution and mineral systems of North Australian Craton. >>More | Download PDF



icon - seascapes articleClassifying Australia’s seascapes for marine conservation

Geoscience data predicts seabed biodiversity. >>More | Download PDF



icon - mapping marine diversity article Mapping marine diversity

Habitats are keys to conservation management. >>More | Download PDF



icon - GBR article Great Barrier Reef Marine Park sedimentology revealed

New research into inter-reefal environments will assist reef managers. >>More | Download PDF



icon - torres article Let there be light

Turbidity modelling in Torres Strait explains seagrass dieback. >>More | Download PDF



icon - antarctic article Looking for life below the sea ice

New project assesses biodiversity in Antarctic seas. >>More | Download PDF



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