AusGeo News  June 2009  Issue No. 94


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In this issue...


limits articleNew opportunities for offshore petroleum exploration

2009 acreage release includes deep water frontiers >>More | Download PDF



geological articleSouthwest Margin surveys completed

Surveys investigate basin structure, hydrocarbon potential and marine habitat >>More | Download PDF



mineral articleThe geology and deep marine terrains of Australia's western region

Preliminary results from major marine reconnaissance survey >>More | Download PDF



emergency articleRevealing the Wallaby Plateau

Recent survey delivers geophysical, geological and biophysical data >>More | Download PDF



seascapes articleUncovering Phanerozoic mineral wealth

Geodynamic synthesis points to mineral deposit potential >>More | Download PDF



seascapes articleFighting fire with satellite datasets

Satellite imagery aids emergency relief >>More | Download PDF



seascapes articleOnshore Energy Security Program update

>>More | Download PDF



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