Legacy Bulletins

Last updated:11 July 2023

The earliest Bulletins pre-date the creation of the Bureau of Mineral Resources. They were written by the first two Commonwealth Palaeontologists, Frederick Chapman and Irene Crespin, and published as Palaeontological Bulletins between 1932 and 1938. When the BMR decided to launch a regular series of Bulletins in 1952, these three earlier works were retrospectively included. The purpose of the later Bulletins was to present broad regional or thematic summaries of the agency's investigations, often aggregating results described in a number of earlier Records, Reports or other publications. The series ceased with Bulletin 247 in 2001.

Bulletin Number Title

1 The Tertiary geology of East Gippsland, Victoria : as shown in borings and quarry sections
2 The larger Foraminifera of the Lower Miocene of Victoria
3 The occurrence of Lacazina and Biplanispira in the Mandated Territory of New Guinea [and] A Lower Miocene limestone from the Ok Ti River, Papua
4 Wauchope wolfram field, Northern Territory
5 Australian resources of sulphur-bearing minerals
6 The geology and mineral resources of the Hatches Creek Wolfram Field, Northern Territory
7 A study of Australian diatomites with special reference to their possible value as filter media
8 Ochre deposits, Rumbalara, Northern Territory
9 The stratigraphy of the Tertiary marine rocks in Gippsland, Victoria
10 Piezo-electric quartz
11 The King Island scheelite mine
12 The geology and mineral resources of the Brock's Creek District, Northern Territory
13 Notes of the occurrence of piezo-electric quartz in Australia with special reference to the Kingsgate field
14 The bauxite deposits of the Boolarra-Mirboo North area, South Gippsland, Victoria
15 Foraminifera in the Permian rocks of Australia
16 A geological reconnaissance of the Katherine-Darwin region, Northern Territory with notes on the mineral deposits
17 The opal industry in Australia
18 Gravity and magnetic reconnaissance, Roma district, Queensland
19 Geophysical surveys, Oaklands-Coorabin Coalfield, New South Wales
20 Geology of the Broken Hill ore deposit, Broken Hill, NSW
21 The Cape Range structure, Western Australia. Pt 1: Stratigraphy and structure. Pt 2: Micropalaeontology
22 The geology and mineral deposits of the Tennant Creek goldfield, Northern Territory
23 Coral faunas from the Silurian of New South Wales and the Devonian of Western Australia
24 Bauxite in Australia
25 The Giralia and Marrilla anticlines, North West Division, Western Australia
26 The geology and mica fields of the Harts Range, central Australia
27 The geology of the Ord-Victoria region, northern Australia
28 Beach sand heavy-mineral deposits of eastern Australia
29 Permian pelecypods from the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia
30 Geophysical investigations of water deposits, Western Australia
31 Assaying of radioactive rocks and ores
32 The geology of the Canberra City district
33 Gravity survey of the Perth Basin, Western Australia
34 Permian Bryozoa from the Fitzroy Basin, Western Australia
35 The investigation of deep leads by the seismic refraction method
36 The geology of the Fitzroy Basin, Western Australia
37 The Maranboy tin field, Northern Territory
38 The 1951 eruption of Mount Lamington, Papua
39 The Permian Orthotetacea of Western Australia
40 Permian Productacea of Western Australia
41 Lower Permian pelycepods and gastropods from the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia
42 The Cambrian trilobite Redlichia; organization and generic concept
43 Geophysical survey of the Renison Bell Tinfield, Tasmania
44 Magnetic prospecting at Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, 1935-37
45 Devonian brachiopods from the Fitzroy Basin, Western Australia
46 Pendulum measurements of gravity in Australia, 1950-51
48 Permian foraminifera of Australia
49 The Cambrian geology of Australia
50 Ordovician, Silurian, and Devonian bryozoa of Australia
51 The Precambrian mineral belt of north-western Queensland
52 A contribution to the geology and glaciology of the western part of the Australian Antarctic Territory
53 Cambrian geology and palaeontology of the headwaters of the Burke River, Queensland
54 New Aconeceratinae (Ammonoidea) from the Albian and Aptian of Australia
55 Devonian and Carboniferous brachiopods from north-western Australia
56 Carboniferous and early Permian brachiopods from Western and Northern Australia
57 Upper Cretaceous foraminifera from the Toolonga Calcilutite and Gingin Chalk, Western Australia
58 Upper Cretaceous ammonites from the Carnarvon Basin of Western Australia. I, The Heteromorph Lytoceratina
59 Marine fossils from the Upper Jurassic and the Lower Cretaceous of Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia
60 The geology of the Canning Basin, Western Australia
61 The molluscan fauna and probable Lower Cretaceous age of the Nanutarra Formation of Western Australia
62 Miocene and Pliocene planktonic foraminifera, Papua-New Guinea; Rhizocorallium in the Lower Cretaceous rocks of Australia; [and] The Ostracod genus Cryptophyllus in the Upper Devonian and Carboniferous of Western Australia
63 Permian pelecypods and gastropods from Western Australia
64 Early Upper Cambrian fossils from Queensland
65 Chemical analyses of Australian rocks. Pt I: igneous and metamorphic rocks
66 Lower Cretaceous arenaceous foraminifera of Australia
67 Australian Mesozoic trigoniids
68 Australian Permian terebratuloids
69 A survey of phosphate deposits in the south-west Pacific and Australian Waters
70 The geology and mineral resources of the Chillagoe district, Queensland
71 The geology of the Georgetown-Clarke River area, North Queensland
72 Australian mineral industry : the mineral deposits
73 Cretaceous stratigraphy and palaeontology of the Northern Territory
74 The Mindyallan fauna of north-western Queensland
75 Mesozoic Mollusca from Australia and New Guinea
76 Volcanic cauldrons, ring complexes, and associated granites of the Georgetown Inlier, Queensland
77 The geology of the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia. Part 1: Pre-Permian stratigraphy
77 The geology of the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia. Part 2: Permian stratigraphy
77 The geology of the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia. Part 3: Post-Permian stratigraphy; structure; economic geology
78 Chemical analyses of Australian rocks. Part II: sedimentary rocks
79 Miocene and Pliocene smaller foraminifera from Papua and New Guinea
80 Palaeontological papers, 1965
81 Australian mineral industry: production and trade, 1842-1964
82 Geology of the Katherine-Darwin region, Northern Territory
83 Morphology and sediments of the Timor Sea
083A Timor Sea continental shelf sediments map
84 Geology of the Hodgkinson and Laura Basins, North Queensland
85 Tertiary Diprotodontidae from Australia and New Guinea
86 Stratigraphy and vertebrate fauna of the Otibanda Formation, New Guinea
87 The Alcoota fauna, Central Australia : an integrated palaeontological and geological study
88 Isotopic ages of acid igneous rocks in the Cairns hinterland, north Queensland
89 Geology and hydrology, Alice Springs Town and Inner Farm Basins, Northern Territory
90 Permian polyzoa from the Bowen Basin
91 Groundwater in the Barkly Tableland, Northern Territory
92 Palaeontological papers, 1966
93 Geology of Bougainville and Buka Islands, New Guinea
95 Sedimentological studies on the Stairway Sandstone of central Australia
96 Desmodont bivalves from the Permian of eastern Australia
97 Upper Palaeozoic rocks, Bonaparte Gulf Basin of northwestern Australia
98 Devonian and Carboniferous conodonts from the Bonaparte Gulf Basin, northern Australia, and their use in international correlation
99 Upper Devonian ostracoda and eridostraca from the Bonaparte Gulf Basin, northwestern Australia
100 Geology of the Amadeus Basin, central Australia
101 Great Lake North engineering geophysical surveys, Tasmania, 1951-1959
102 Manual of sedimentary structures
103 Ordian (Cambrian) Crustacea Bradoriida of Australia
104 Oryctocephalidae (Trilobita: Middle Cambrian) of Australia
105 Ice thickness measurements in Mac-Robertson Land, 1957-1959
106 Geology of the Kimberley region, Western Australia: The East Kimberley
107 Metamorphic and igneous rocks of the 'Lamboo' Complex, East Kimberley Region, Western Australia
108 Palaeontological papers, 1967
109 Sedimentology of the Upper Devonian and Carboniferous platform sequence of the Bonaparte Gulf Basin
110 Cambro-Ordovician conodonts from the Burke River structural belt, Queensland
111 Stratigraphy of the Georgina Basin
112 Late Upper Cambrian trilobites from the Gola Beds, western Queensland
113 Nepeid trilobites of the Middle Cambrian of northern Australia
114 Redlichia of the Ordian (Cambrian) of Northern Australia and New South Wales
115 Lower Carboniferous spores from the Bonaparte Gulf Basin, Western Australia and Northern Territory
116 Palaeontological papers, 1968
117 Lower Ordovician conodonts from the Bonaparte Gulf Basin and the Daly River Basin, northwestern Australia
118 Laverton-Edjudina airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, Western Australia, 1969
119 Standard curves for the magnetic anomalies due to spheres
120 Magnetic survey of the Savage River and Long Plains iron deposits, northwest Tasmania
121 Templetonian and Ordian Xystridurid trilobites of Australia
122 Devonian and Carboniferous brachiopods from Bonaparte Gulf Basin, northwestern Australia
123 Groundwater in the northern Wiso Basin and environs, Northern Territory
124 Regional and economic geology of the Herberton-Mount Garnet area, Herberton Tinfield, north Queensland
125 Geological papers 1969
126 Palaeontological papers, 1969
127 Marine geology of the Huon Gulf region, New Guinea
128 Peridotite-gabbro-basalt complex in Eastern Papua an overthrust plate of oceanic mantle and crust
129 The stability of magnetisation in basic igneous rocks
130 Geology of the Bowen Basin, Queensland
131 Primary element dispersions associated with mineralization at Mount Isa, Queensland
132 Geology of the Drummond Basin, Queensland
133 Geology of the South Sepik region, New Guinea
134 Ludlovian and Gedinnian conodont stratigraphy of the Yass Basin, New South Wales
135 Igneous and metamorphic rocks of Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait
136 Marine geology of the northwest Australian continental shelf
137 Brachiopods of the Murrumbidgee Group, Taemas, New South Wales
138 Geology of the Middle Cambrian phosphorites and associated sediments of northwestern Queensland
139 Geological papers, 1970-71
140 Palaeontological papers, 1970-71
141 Metallogenic provinces and mineral deposits in the southwestern Pacific: a symposium held at the 12th Pacific Science Congress, Canberra, August 1971
142 Ulawun Volcano, New Britain
143 Earth science abstracts, Papua New Guinea, to 1971
144 Deformation of the crust and mantle in central Australia
145 A commentary on the metallogenic map of Australia and Papua New Guinea
146 Chemical analyses of Australian rocks. Part III: igneous and metamorphic, supplement 1961-1969
147 The Lower Carboniferous geology of the Rouchel district, New South Wales
148 Explanatory notes of the 1:2 500 000 mineral deposits map of Papua New Guinea
149 Geology the Sydney Basin: a review
150 Palaeontological papers 1972
151 Palynology of the Cenomanian of Bathurst Island, Northern Territory, Australia
152 Standard curves for interpretation of magnetic anomalies due to thin dykes of finite depth extent
153 Late Cambrian and early Ordovician trilobites from the Burke River structural belt, Western Queensland, Australia
154 Permo-Triassic stratigraphy and sedimentation in the Bowen Basin, Queensland
155 Geology of the Kubor Anticline, Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea
156A Correlation chart for the Carboniferous system of Australia
156B Correlation chart for the Permian system of Australia
156C Correlation chart for the Triassic system of Australia
157 Marine geology of the Arafura Sea
158 Conodont biostratigraphy of the Upper Devonian reef complexes of the Canning Basin, Western Australia
159 Cymbric Vale fauna of New South Wales and early Cambrian biostratigraphy
160 Palynological papers
161 Australian and Soviet gravity surveys along the Australian Calibration Line
162 Geochronology of igneous and metamorphic rocks in the New Guinea Highlands
163 Marine geology of the Capricorn Channel area
164 Seismicity and earthquake risk in eastern Australia : a symposium held in Canberra on 5 December 1973
165 Geology of the southeast Papuan mainland
166 Geology of the Surat Basin in Queensland
167 Geology of the Eromanga Basin
168 The Precambrian geology of the Victoria River region, Northern Territory
169 Petrology and geochemistry of acid igneous rocks of northeast Queensland
170 Sedimentology and holocene history of a tropical estuary (Broad Sound, Queensland)
171 Cambrian and Ordovician rostroconch molluscs from northern Australia
172 Middle Cambrian agnostids : systematics and biostratigraphy
173 An analysis of the geomagnetic diurnal variation during the International Geophysical Year
174 Australian Ordovician pelecypod molluscs
175 Dolichometopid trilobites of Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales
176 Indexes to the analyses of calcium and magnesium carbonate rocks and other sedimentary rocks rich in either calcium, magnesium, or phosphorous
177 The geology and mineral occurrences of Bathurst Island, Melville Island, and Cobourg Peninsula, Northern Territory
178 Hydrology and sediments of a temperate estuary - Mallacoota Inlet, Victoria
179 The Queensland Plateau
181 Guide to the Geology of Australia
182 Geochemistry of a tropical estuary and its catchment, Broad Sound, Queensland
183 Australian platform-cover correlation charts - Adelaidean to Recent
184 The dromornithidae, an extinct family of large ground birds endemic to Australia
185 Carboniferous, Permian, and Triassic conchostracans of Australia : three new studies
186 Late Cambrian trilobites from the Chatsworth Limestone, western Queensland
187 Idamean (Late Cambrian) trilobites, Burke River Structural Belt, Western Queensland
188 Oligocene and Miocene larger foraminiferida from Australia and New Zealand
189 Palynological studies in the Lower Cretaceous of the Surat Basin, Australia
190 Conodonts from the Fairfield Group, Canning Basin, Western Australia
191 Seismic and gravity investigations along the geotraverse, Western Australia, 1969. A BMR contribution to the Upper Mantle Project
192 The Crespin volume: essays in honour of Irene Crespin
193 Geology of the Mary Kathleen 1:100 000 Sheet area, northwest Queensland
194 Geology of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea
195 Marine geology of the continental shelf off southeast Australia
196 Reconnaissance gravity surveys in Western Australia and South Australia, 1969-1972
197 Geology of The Granites-Tanami region, Northern Territory and Western Australia
198 Evaporites in Australia
199 The Exmouth Plateau : stratigraphy, structure and petroleum potential
200 The geology of the Fairfield Group, Canning Basin, Western Australia
201 A geological synthesis of Papua New Guinea
202 The Mesozoic Carpentaria Basin and the Cainozoic Karumba Basin, north Queensland
203 Engineering geology of the proposed Darwin East urban development area, Northern territory
204 Geology and geochemistry of the Tantangara and Brindabella 1:100 000 Sheet areas, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
205 Geology of the Wiso Basin, Northern Territory
206 Geology of the Officer Basin, Western Australia
207 Continental shelf sediments: southern Queensland and northern New South Wales
208 Geological evolution and economic geology of the Burdekin River region, Queensland
209 Palaeontological papers, 1981
210 Geological evolution of the Canning Basin, Western Australia
211 The Arrinthrunga Formation: Upper Cambrian epeiric carbonates in the Georgina Basin, central Australia
212 The Ngalia Basin, Northern Territory: stratigraphy and structure
213 Geology of the Scott Plateau and Rowley Terrace, off northwestern Australia
214 Atlas of isoseismal maps of Australian earthquakes
215 Geology of the onshore Canning Basin, Western Australia
216 Tertiary foraminifera and age of sediments, Ok Tedi-Wabag, Papua New Guinea
217 Palaeontological papers, 1983
218 Superficial sediments of the Tasmanian continental shelf and part of Bass Strait
219 Geology of the Duchess-Urandangi region, Mount Isa Inlier, Queensland
220 Geology of the southern McArthur Basin, Northern Territory
221 Hydrogeochemistry of the upper Hunter River Valley, New South Wales
222 Atlas of isoseismal maps of Australian earthquakes, part 2
223 Geology of an unusual Precambrian high-grade metamorphic terrane : Enderby Land and western Kemp Land, Antarctica
224 Geology of the Alligator Rivers Uranium Field, Northern Territory
225 Geology of the Mount Isa Inlier and environs, Queensland and Northern Territory
226 Geology of the Proterozoic Davenport province, central Australia
227 Hydrogeology of Australia
228 Lower Carboniferous Ostracoda (Beyrichicopida and Kirkbyocopa) from the Bonaparte Basin, northwestern Australia
229 Geology and mineral deposits of the Cullen mineral field, Northern Territory
230 Hydrogeology and groundwater resources of the Lake Amadeus and Ayers Rock region, Northern Territory
231 Permian coals of Eastern Australia
232 The Eromanga-Brisbane geoscience transect : a guide to basin development across Phanerozoic Australia in southern Queensland
233 Geology of the Canberra 1:100 000 Sheet area, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory
234 The Hydrogeology of Norfolk Island, South Pacific Ocean
235 Geology of the Murray Basin, Southeastern Australia
236 Geological and geophysical studies in the Amadeus Basin central Australia
237 The Pacoota Sandstone, Amadeus Basin, Northern Territory: stratigraphy and palaeontology
238 Commentary on schematic geological map of Antarctica Scale 1:10,000,000
239 Geology of the Western Musgrave Block, Central Australia, with particular reference to the mafic-ultramafic Giles Complex
240 North Queensland geology
241 Geology and Petroleum Potential of the Clarence-Moreton Basin, New South Wales and Queensland
242 Petrology and platinum-group-element geochemistry of Archaean layered mafic-ultramafic intrusions, west Pilbara Block, Western Australia
243 Detailed studies of the Mount Isa Inlier
244 Geology of the Bunger Hills-Denman Glacier region, East Antarctica
245 Wire-line Logged Waterbores in the Great Artesian Basin
246 Geology and economic potential of the Palaeoproterozoic layered mafic-ultramafic intrusions in the East Kimberley, Western Australia
247 Geology of the Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica