High and Low Tide Composites

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The HTLC low tide composite mosaic showing Talbot Bay and Montgomery Reef, WA at low tide.

The High and Low Tide Composites (HLTC) are imagery mosaics developed to visualise Australia's coasts, estuaries and reefs at low and high tide, whilst removing the influence of noise features such as clouds, breaking water and sun-glint1. These products are highly interpretable, and provide a valuable snapshot of the coastline at different biophysical states.

The HLTC products and process are important tools for analysing and mapping this dynamic environment, and for improving our understanding of the full scale of the Australian coastline.

Further information

  • View and access product interpretation tools via NationalMap. Select Add data, and then the Surface Water and Marine/Coastal/High tide satellite image and Surface Water and Marine/Coastal/Low tide satellite image themes.
  • Download the data and product information

1 Sagar, S., Phillips, C., Bala, B., Roberts, D., Lymburner, L., 2018. Generating Continental Scale Pixel-Based Surface Reflectance Composites in Coastal Regions with the Use of a Multi-Resolution Tidal Model. Remote Sensing 10, 480. https://doi.org/10.3390/rs10030480