Intertidal Extents Model

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Roebuck Bay in Western Australia. A Ramsar Wetland site and globally significant habitat for migratory shorebirds. ITEM products illustrating the topography of the exposed intertidal mudflats in this remote and complex environment.

The Intertidal Extents Model (ITEM) product utilises 30 years of Earth observation data from the Landsat archive to map the extents and topography of Australia's intertidal mudflats, beaches and reefs1; the area exposed between high and low tide.

These regions are notoriously difficult to survey and characterise, and the ITEM products provide valuable information on the structure of these environments that can contribute to coastal management, habitat mapping and modelling applications.

Further information

  • View and access product interpretation tools via NationalMap. Select Add data, and then the Surface Water and Marine/Coastal/Intertidal extent model theme.
  • Download the data and product information