Kidson Sub-basin

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Gravity map of the recently acquired seismic line in the Kidson Sub-basin from Kiwirrkurra to Marble Bar.

Geoscience Australia acquired deep crustal seismic reflection data in the Kidson Sub-basin (southern Canning Basin) between mid-June and late August 2018 to better understand the subsurface geology of this highly prospective region.

The Exploring for the Future team collected a single 872km seismic line from Kiwirrkurra to Marble Bar. This is one of the longest seismic lines acquired in Australia and will significantly increase our understanding of the regions geology and unlock potential resources.

The objective of this project is to image the geological features deep below the surface to better understand the location and scale of potential energy, mineral and groundwater resources. This data will accelerate our understanding of the region's geological evolution and identify geological terrains with greater resource potential. Preliminary results show the data are of excellent quality and image a variety of previously unknown features.



The Kidson Sub-basin project was undertaken in collaboration with and co-funded by the Geological Survey of Western Australia. Experienced seismic contractor, Geokinetics Pty Ltd, has been engaged to undertake the data collection.

Exploring for the Future Roadshow

Exploring for the Future Extended Abstract Volume

Data & Publications

Conference papers and presentations

Australian Exploration Geoscience Conference (ASEG)

The following Destructive Analysis Reports are available from WAPIMS:

  • Report on Source Rock Type, Maturation Levels and Hydrocarbon Potential of a Suite of Samples from Waukarlycarly-1, Canning Basin, Western Australia. Report prepared for Geoscience Australia. Energy Resources Consulting Pty Ltd, 2020.
  • Organic Petrology and Maturation of Sample Suites from Frankenstein-1, Kidson-1, Munro-1, Nicolay-1, Patience-2, Samphire Marsh-1, Willara-1, EPT2289, RUD0007 and RH140 Wells from The Canning Basin – Western Australia. Report prepared for Geoscience Australia. Energy Resources Consulting Pty Ltd, 2020.
  • A Stratigraphic Reconstruction of Bulk Volatile Chemistry from Fluid Inclusions in Waukarlycarly 1. Report prepared for Geoscience Australia. FIT, 2020.

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