Amendments Register

The Amendments Register is a mechanism by which users of these Specifications can access the history of updates and amendments that have occurred since the latest base version of the Specification was released. For the initial release of the "Geoscience Australia Topographic Data and Map Specification Version 6" no amendments will be recorded in this Register, as it constitutes a complete new version of the Specification. However, when the first and subsequent amendments or changes are made to this version, then this Register will be populated with the appropriate entries.

The amendment register lists all significant amendments to the specifications which affect the capture, revision, attribution as well as display of data and map information. Small alterations to do with spelling, formatting and html/jsp technical compliance not affecting the context and meaning of the specifications will not be documented in the listing below.

This register is intended to assist producers by providing a vehicle to supply information about changes that have occurred over time. It should not take precedence to reading the Sections and Chapters applicable to data as well as map processes at the time of editing. The date in the amendment list is the date of web release, and not that of the page update, which may be up to 2 weeks prior.

As per "Appendix J Section 3.2 Impact of Specification Changes" amendments may be applied to Work Units allocated prior to the amendment dates, as it could be beneficial to the producer to do so, but it is not required. However, for Work Units allocated after the amendment date, all changes must be implemented.

It is intended that amendments will stay in the register while all work units allocated prior to the amendment date are still active. When all work units allocated prior to the amendment date are completed, the amendment listing may be archived with access obtained on request. This is to assist in ease of readability of the Register.

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New Appendix Added - Imagery Interpretation Guide.

Appendix U


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