News Mapping Australia's groundwater

Published:10 October 2023

The Australian Government is working to secure Australia's future water resources through a first of its kind stock take of the nation’s underground water reservoirs.

The National Hydrogeological Inventory, developed by Geoscience Australia, has mapped Australia's major groundwater-bearing basins and geological provinces and paints a picture of the communities, industries and environments that rely on groundwater.

For each hydrogeological region, a range of consistent and up-to-date information is compiled, relevant to understanding the geology, geography, hydrogeology including groundwater resources and systems.

The inventory has collated information from these regions to provide a greater understanding of Australia’s water systems, allowing a national view of groundwater resources across Australia.

If you would like further insight into groundwater in Australia, you can view the inventory.

You can read the full media release on the National Hydrogeological Inventory issued by the Minister for Resources and Minister for the Environment and Water.