News Unlocking the mineral potential of Australia

Published:16 March 2023

With the release of new data and four new Mineral Potential Maps, the Australian Government is supporting exploration for minerals such as zinc and associated critical minerals including cobalt, gallium, and germanium for use in renewable technologies.

This information will facilitate exploration in underexplored regions of the country and will play a vital role in ensuring Australia’s base metal production and exports continue to meet growing global demand.

Developed as part of the Geoscience Australia Exploring for the Future program, the release will help ensure Australia is well-positioned to take advantage of a booming worldwide clean-energy market.

More national mineral potential assessments are being developed by Geoscience Australia over the coming months for sediment-hosted copper.

Read Minister King’s media release

For more information:

Explore the national mineral potential maps and data for sediment-hosted zinc-lead mineral systems in the Exploring for the Future Data Discovery Portal.

Read the Extended abstract ‘The national mineral potential for sediment-hosted zinc-lead mineral systems in Australia version 1.0’.

Download the sediment-hosted base metal mineral potential maps and data.