Community safety sectors Academia

Last updated:18 June 2024

Every sector we work with is managing the rapid acceleration of knowledge and capabilities within community safety. We help our collaborators manage this growth by contributing data, tools, applications, and guidance needed to prepare for the future.

Working together

Our community safety team collaborate with the academic sector to:

  • Conduct research to address current and future community safety needs of all sectors
  • Connect research centres of excellence with end-users to drive stronger outcomes
  • Sustain and enhance our science excellence, and to translate research to actionable data and technology solutions aligned to government priorities
  • Glean new insights from observational data to better predict future hazards and their impacts, and to improve and refine future mitigation strategies
  • Discover innovative approaches to collecting impact data in a cost-effective way
  • Further the quantification and communication of uncertainty for a more risk-informed society
  • Gain a deeper understanding to quantifying the socio-economic benefit of mitigation strategies and analysing the policy and financial triggers to achieve enhanced resilience

Learn more about our research and innovation collaborations geared towards improving the preparedness, response and recovery cycle of natural hazard events

Case study Retrofitting Melbourne’s buildings to withstand earthquakes

Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for building-related earthquake risk.

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