Web Services Guide

The portal offers public web services that support discovery, search and retrieval against:

  • summary layers that show the location of flood study areas and links to rich metadata about each study and associated maps;
  • flood inundation map layers.

For more information about web services and how to use them, refer to Geoscience Australia Web Services.

Endpoint configuration

The portal uses separate GeoServer instances to support services against summary layers and individual map layers and can be queried separately using these URLs:

To retrieve flood inundation maps from these services, we recommend:

  1. Querying flood-study-search to obtain flood inundation map URIs, then
  2. Using the flood inundation map URIs to retrieve maps separately from flood-study-map.

Metadata statement HTML - XML

Before using the services, please note the use limitation: This service is for general information and use only and does not amount to independent professional advice. Refer to Australian Flood Risk Information Portal Terms & Conditions for more details.