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Last updated:18 June 2024

Every sector we work with is managing the rapid acceleration of knowledge and capabilities within community safety. We help our collaborators navigate this growth by providing local hazard profiles, event scenarios, data, tools, applications, and guidance needed to prepare for the future.

Working together

Our community safety team support all levels of governments to:

  • Better understand your jurisdictions vulnerability to natural and man-made hazards
  • Determine gaps within existing climate and disaster management plans
  • Connect with our partners to form mutually beneficial collaborations
  • Coordinate efforts towards nationally consistent spatial data to provide information about the number of people, dwellings, infrastructure, agricultural and environmental assets potentially exposed to a threat or hazard event
  • Support climate and disaster risk assessments of major investment programs
  • Gain a better understanding of the disruption of economic activity as a result of hazard events
  • Provide technical hazard and risk advice for regulation and policy
  • Illuminate when an event could become catastrophic, and
  • Assist in providing climate and disaster information to all levels of government.

Learn more about our collaborations with the Government sector, geared towards improving the preparedness, response and recovery cycle of natural hazard events.

Case study Assessing the resilience of ageing buildings against earthquake hazards

How our collaborations and science improved the safety of communities in York, Western Australia.

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Cr. Denese Smythe

The result will not only be useful for York, they will enable the refinement and adaption of the retrofit information for wider application to similar buildings elsewhere in the State and nation.

Cr. Denese Smythe

York Shire President