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Last updated:18 June 2024

Big data for a big country

Satellites have been capturing the stories of Australia’s rural sector for decades, watching as innovations in science and technology have fed industry growth. Now graziers and farmers are in prime position to reap the rewards of these observations from orbit.

Our imagery and data products enable land managers and agricultural producers to track drought conditions, vegetation, water quality and availability, and flood and bushfire patterns over time.

We’re working with agritech innovators, universities, government and communities to see satellite insights better adopted by Australia’s agriculture sector.

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Harvesting the benefits of Earth observation

The potential for satellite and other Earth observations to deliver decision making and productivity benefits into Australia’s agriculture sector is significant, finds our report — and looking at trends in adoption of the technology, it’s clear the advantage is yet to be fully realised.

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Satellite data for pasture productivity

Queensland company Cibo Labs draws on DEA data to help graziers manage more than 20 million hectares profitably and sustainably.

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