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Edge of a rectangular rock pool on coastal prominitory
Time and Tide

See how DEA tools can provide new information to help maintain and protect Australia’s iconic coasts and shores for future generations.

Time and Tide Watch the video
Waterbird with red head coming into land in wetland swamp
Wetlands Showcase

DEA is collaborating with governments, industry, and community to help maintain the health and sustainability of Australia’s unique and diverse wetlands.

Wetlands Showcase Watch the video
Segment of planet Earth from space at night with glowing lights showing
Tour of the Open Data Cube

DEA’s Assistant Director of Product Development, Dr Claire Krause, presents at the Open Data Cube Conference 2021.

Tour of the Open Data Cube Watch the video
Abstract landscape image featuring green water as captured by satellite
Earth observation data science

We talk with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) about how cloud data access is enabling the application of data science at a previously unimagined scale.

Earth observation data science Watch the video
Sun reflecting off large inland lake amid lush green fields
DEA Showcase August 2020

Learn how DEA is working with government and industry partners from the NSW Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR), FrontierSI and AgriFutures Australia.

DEA Showcase August 2020 Watch the video
Woman with long dark hair holds computer tablet up to farm tractor in distance
DEA Showcase May 2020

We’re working with Australian industry and agriculture to change the way we understand and manage our natural resources.

DEA Showcase May 2020 Watch the video
Abstract landscape image featuring wiggly fire front as captured by satellite
DEA Showcase March 2020

Meet the experts working with satellite imagery for citizen science, a new land cover classification system, and DEA Hotspots.

DEA Showcase March 2020 Watch the video

Learn from our partners

Video still showing abstract illustration of satellite over planet earth
What is a satellite swath?

Get a unique view of Landsat 8’s 16-day orbit in this animation from the USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science Center.

What is a satellite swath? Watch the video
Abstract landscape image featuring blue water on green land as captured by satellite
Landsat 8: Band by band

The Landsat 8 satellite takes pictures of the Earth using different wavelengths of light. These 'bands' can be used to tell stories about what's happening back on Earth.

Landsat 8: Band by band Watch the video
Video still of satellite with solar panels over earth from space
What is the Copernicus program?

The European Union’s Copernicus program is a revolutionary Earth observation and monitoring program which includes the Sentinel satellite missions.

What is the Copernicus program? Watch the video
Illustrated poster titled Copernicus Sentinel 2 from the ESA
Sentinels for Copernicus

The Sentinel fleet of satellites is at the heart of the European Union’s Copernicus program. The European Space Agency introduces each of the Sentinels.

Sentinels for Copernicus Watch the video
Satellite in construction in vast indoor space with technicians
Landsat’s 40-year legacy

The joint NASA/USGS Landsat program maintains a 40-year data record of monitoring Earth's landscapes from space.

Landsat’s 40-year legacy Watch the video

Meet the DEA drones

What role do remotely piloted aircraft play in building satellite data products?

Our fleet of drones fly optical sensory equipment over otherwise inaccessible landscapes for the DEA Analysis Ready Data team.

The data they capture is used to validate information received from satellites in orbit against what can be observed on the ground.

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