News Digital Earth Australia program strategy and roadmap (2022-2025)

The Digital Earth Australia Roadmap sets out our vision, mission and strategic objectives for the years ahead.

Last updated:18 June 2024

Digital Earth Australia (DEA) Program strategy and Roadmap (2022-2025) describes the high-level work plan DEA will undertake as we continue to provide the free and open satellite data to support a sustainable Australian environment, a resilient society and a strong economy.

The Roadmap sets out the path we’ll follow to deliver on our vision, mission and strategic objectives – namely, to be the trusted, reliable and timely source of open and accurate satellite data and products.

The document communicates the broad areas in which DEA sees the opportunity to offer valuable insights for its stakeholders, aligning our impacts and benefits with our priority deliverables.

The document maps our priorities for the years ahead through a prism of Stabilise, Serve, Expand:

  • Stabilise our foundations
  • Serve our stakeholders, users and collaborators
  • Expand the use of satellite data and products to Australian government, industry and businesses

The Roadmap and Strategy document lays out in great detail the DEA program’s milestones and priorities for the next three years and beyond. It shows how we will continue to deliver on strengthening our infrastructure and satellite data products, our platforms, tools, and, crucially, developing our people.

It shows how DEA will continue to provide and engage with our stakeholders through modern, operations grade infrastructure and supporting seamless operation of services.

The Roadmap affirms that DEA will continue collaborating with targeted government, industry and business beneficiaries, while empowering our users and supporting Earth Observation education.

DEA impacts and benefits

  • Better decisions on policy, investment and regulation
  • Effective management of environmental assets and better use of land and water resources
  • Safer communities
  • Development of new applications to address complex challenges and improve productivity
  • Enablement of industry to innovate, create new products and develop commercial opportunities
  • Commercial ventures that generate employment opportunities
  • An open and transparent program that increases trust in Australian science and scientific agencies

Our diverse activities are guided by the DEA Strategy and Roadmap (2022-2025)