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Last updated:27 June 2014

Geoscience Australia is involved in the discovery and development of a number of different energy sources both onshore and offshore Learn more about these projects

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Australia is well endowed with an abundance of both fossil and renewable fuels. Our energy resources power our homes, cars and industry, and are a key contributor to Australia's economic prosperity.

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Energy Resources

Discoveries of new energy resources (petroleum, coal, uranium, thorium and geothermal energy) can be assisted by an understanding of structures in geological provinces and basins.

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Province and Sedimentary Basin Geology

Petroleum, coal, uranium and thorium geology.

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Offshore and onshore legislation and related regulations.

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Related organisations

Includes organisations from the Australian and state governments, universities and research centres, industry bodies and associations.

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Energy Projects

Geoscience Australia's past and present energy projects.

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