Mineral Resources and Advice

Australia has a robust and world-leading mining industry. Geoscience Australia supports the Australian Government and industry by providing advice and data to inform decision making and assist the development of policies and programs related to resources and energy.

Australia's Identified Mineral Resources

Information on mineral resources in Australia, their uses, production and export figures, resource estimates and links to Australian and world mineral statistics.

Australian Resource Reviews

Publications on mineral resources in Australia covering resource estimates, industry developments, mine production and world rankings.

Australian Energy Resources Assessment

Australian Energy Resources Assessment (AERA) provides an integrated scientific and economic assessment of Australia' non-renewable and renewable energy resources (including coal and uranium) for decision makers. AERA is a collaboration with the Department of the Environment and Energyand support of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Technical Advice to Government

Geoscience Australia provides high-quality, independent geoscientific and technical advice on mineral resources to the Australian Government.

AUSGIN Australian Geoscience Information Network

A data discovery and analysis portal for geoscience data from all of Australia's state, territory and federal governments. Includes mines, mineral deposits and mineral resources data from Geoscience Australia's OZMIN database, as well mineral tenement boundaries, infrastructure, geophysical and geological data.