Digital Atlas of Australia

Last updated:12 July 2023

The Digital Atlas of Australia is an interactive, secure and easy-to-use online platform that brings together, curates and connects trusted national datasets from across government.

Anyone, anywhere can explore, analyse and visualise data on Australia's geography, people, economy and environment. By visualising data by location, the Digital Atlas can help us better understand and respond to shared challenges at the local, regional and national levels.

Powered by an Integrated Geospatial Infrastructure, the Digital Atlas connects data across borders from a range of sources, including interjurisdictional, government, community, and academia.

Currently in beta, the Digital Atlas provides access to a select offering of curated data and functionality. Ongoing releases will introduce new and improved features and increase the amount of data available.

Explore, analyse and visualise data now at

Separate from the public-facing Digital Atlas, the Digital Atlas for government is a whole of government geospatial capability. It enables authenticated government users to explore, visualise and analyse readily available, curated open data alongside their own data in a secure environment.

Government users are also able to share information and work with other government users to create apps and maps together to help support better informed decision-making and address shared challenges.

The Digital Atlas for government was released on 31 March 2023. Access to the Digital Atlas for government will be limited during initial releases however access will expand over time.

The Digital Atlas was introduced as part of the Digital Economy Strategy and Australian Data Strategy in the Federal Budget 2021-22. These strategies aim to transform Australia into a modern and leading digital economy by 2023 and focus on improving the accessibility and discoverability of the wealth of data held by Commonwealth organisations.

They also recognise the importance of up-to-date, meaningful data and the tools needed to enable governments, businesses and citizens to make informed decisions to grow our economy and keep our communities safe.

As the Australian Government's primary authority on location information, Geoscience Australia offers authoritative data and capabilities. Through our partnerships and national geospatial leadership, we are driving the development and delivery of the Digital Atlas.

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