Digital Atlas of Australia

Last updated:28 May 2024

The Digital Atlas of Australia brings together, curates and connects trusted national datasets in a central online platform.

The Digital Atlas’ interactive maps and tools allow you to explore, analyse and visualise data on Australia's geography, people, economy and environment by location. This can help us better understand and respond to challenges at the local, regional, and national levels.

The Digital Atlas uses an Integrated Geospatial Infrastructure (a digital ecosystem) to connect data across borders, systems, and technology. This ecosystem seamlessly integrates data from a range of trusted sources transforming how we connect, manage, and use data.

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The Digital Atlas has a separate, secure environment for authenticated government users. Government users can use data in the Digital Atlas alongside their own data. They can also access a range of advanced geospatial analytical tools and can collaborate in near-real time with other government users.

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As the Australian Government's primary authority on national location information, Geoscience Australia is leading the delivery of the Digital Atlas. Our authoritative data and capabilities, partnerships and national geospatial leadership, are key to advancing Australia's geospatial capabilities.

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