Great Artesian Basin water resource assessment

Last updated:10 December 2021

Project completed 2012


Funded by the then Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Populations and Communities and the National Water Commission, the Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment (the Assessment) was completed in 2012. The Assessment carried out a basin-scale investigation of water resources across the GAB, assessing the status of water resources, identifying the potential impacts of climate change and resource development on those water resources and filling knowledge gaps in our understanding of the resource. The Assessment provides an updated interpretation of the geology and hydrogeology of the GAB that has refined the conceptualisation of how the groundwater system operates.

Technical reports


  • Data delivery and custodianship


  • Assessment of the impacts of future climate and groundwater development on Great Artesian Basin springs

Lithostratigraphic Units

  • Lexicon of the lithostratigraphic and hydrogeological units of the Great Artesian Basin and its Cenozoic cover

Models Review

Numerical Modelling

System Conceptualisation


  • The three-dimensional visualisation of the Great Artesian Basin

Reports for Regions in the GAB


Eromanga - Central

Eromanga - Western


Reports for the Whole of GAB

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Technical Reports

Summary Reports

Whole of GAB reports