Maps of Australia

Report Map of Australia

Report maps of Australia - showing capital cities, state borders, roads, elevation etc.
A4 size (1:20 million scale)
A3 size (1:15 million scale)
Australia's Maritime Zones

Australia's Maritime Jurisdication
These maps depict the various jurisdictional limits and zones that make up Australia's maritime jurisdiction.

Basic outline maps

Basic outline maps
Perfect for the classroom, includes a basic outline, basic outline with state borders and a basic outline with state borders and capital city locations.

Geophysical maps

Geophysical maps
Includes a digital elevation model, as well as radiometric, magnetic and gravity anomaly maps.

Geological maps

Geological maps 
Includes the Surface Geology of Australia 1:1 million and scanned 1:250 000 geology maps of Australia.

Geothermal maps

Geothermal maps 
Australian radiogenic granite and sedimentary basin geothermal hot rock potential map.

Index maps

Topographic Map Index
Geophysical and topographic map indexes for various scales.