Information regarding mineral exploration in Australia at national and regional scale, mining and land use, sustainable development of resources, and levels of exploration activity

Geoscience Australia provides pre-competitive geoscience information to address greenfield exploration challenges and identify new mineral provinces within Australia. This pre-competitive information is acquired through integrated programs of national strategic importance, such as the Unlocking Australia's Hidden Mineral Resource Potential Program which commenced in July 2013. The Agency also advises the Australian Government on mineral resources, mining and land use which is integral to decisions on the nation's known mineral endowment, the sustainable development of mineral resources and levels of exploration activity.


Minerals Basics

Basic information on mineral resources in Australia, the properties of minerals and their uses in everyday items.

Mineral Deposits

Mineral Exploration

Information on mineral exploration in Australia and links to precompetitive data and products to facilitate exploration activity.


Mineral Resources

Information on mineral resources in Australia, their uses, production and export figures, resource estimates and links to precompetitive products to facilitate exploration activity

Unlocking Australia minerals

Unlocking Australia's hidden mineral resource potential

Geoscience Australia, in collaboration with the state and Northern Territory geological surveys and the research community, will seek to reveal the hidden potential of Australia's buried but prospective geology.

Legal Tenements

Australia's Exploration Legislation Tenements and Reporting

Information on Australian mineral exploration legislation and tenements, including links to relevant state-based legislation.

Related Orgs

Related Organisations

Links to state, national, international bodies associated with mineral exploration.