Commonwealth Child Safe Framework Statement of Compliance

Geoscience Australia strongly supports the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework, which sets the minimum standards for creating and embedding a child safe culture and practices in Commonwealth entities. We undertake regular risk assessments to evaluate risks to child safety and identify appropriate mitigation strategies for activities that involve working with children and young people. Our risk rating for child safety risks is medium.

Our public-facing Education Centre has well-established processes and a proactive culture to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the children it has contact with each year through visits from school groups. Our Child Safety Procedures require staff engaged in child-related work, including those in our Education Centre, to obtain and maintain a Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) registration in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations. Staff working in other roles who may occasionally come into contact with children and young people must also obtain a WWVP registration where contact is expected to exceed two days per year. All staff must comply with a Code of Conduct when in contact with children in the course of their duties and complete annual security awareness training which includes an overview of our Child Safety Procedures. Our procedures detail the mechanisms for reporting suspected abuse or injury, responding to incidents and handling complaints.