Gifts and benefits register

This register records details of the gifts and benefits valued over $100 (excluding GST) that Geoscience Australia’s CEO and staff have accepted during the course of their official duties.

The register commenced on 18 October 2019 and was last updated on 30 September 2021 in accordance with the Australian Public Service Commission’s guidance on disclosing gifts and benefits.

Date recorded Gift or benefit Received by Presented byOccasion Estimated value
20/10/2020Argyle rough diamondsCurator, National Mineral and Fossil CollectionRio TintoDonation to the National Mineral and Fossil Collection$1 350.00
22/06/2020 Men’s down jacket Assistant Director, DEA Technologies New Relic Thank you gift for participating in panel discussion $160.00
2/06/2020 Monetary prize Director, Discovery and Engagement University of Tasmania Exceptional performance award, NESP Marine Biosecurity Hub $250.00
18/05/2020 Carved Opal Geoscience Australia Museum S Grenville Donation to the National Mineral and Fossil Collection $37,000.00
15/11/2019 Dinner and breakfast while attending award ceremony Chief Scientific Information Officer Esri Dinner and breakfast to attend function to accept award $150.00
5/11/2019 Freshwater pearl necklace, carved white marble plate with inlays of small stones Principal Research Scientist, Resources Division Geological Survey of India Thank you $130.00