Visiting Geoscience Australia

Come and explore our impressive public displays that have been designed for a self-guided experience, and view some of the architectural and geoscience themed features of our purpose designed building.

Our public areas are open business days, Monday to Friday, from 9am-5pm with free entry and parking available onsite.

Some of the attractions to explore in our public spaces are:

  • National Mineral and Fossil Collection: See the superb collection of world-class minerals, rocks, fossils, geoscience maps and historical equipment displayed in our foyer. You can also view our most valuable unseen specimens housed in our vault via our online exhibits.
  • Follow our Treasure Hunt to explore some of the samples displayed in the foyer. Scan the QR code near Reception to access the quest on your own digital device, find the ‘treasures’ and learn some fun facts about some of our unique specimens. Happy hunting!
  • N.H. (Doc) Fisher Geoscience Library: Browse one of the most comprehensive collections of geoscientific information resources in the Southern Hemisphere. Discover thousands of digitised publications, meet Prof. W.G. Woolnough and his family, or just enjoy our dinosaur garden and exhibits from the collections. Our friendly staff can help you locate information in our catalogue, on our shelves, or on the web.
  • Education Centre: Experience our hands-on displays and learn about Earth science. Whilst the Education Centre is regularly booked by school groups, members of the public are welcome to visit when it is not in use. To check availability, please contact Reception on Ph: 02 6249 9111.
  • Geological TimeWalk: Take a walk in the landscaped gardens outside the building along a physical representation of geological time using large rock samples. Additional information, including printed material, is also available to add to your experience whilst you travel the TimeWalk.
  • Blackstone Café is open for meals and refreshments until 4:30pm. The cafe can host groups with prior notice. For further information please email: or phone: 02 6249 9149.

We welcome you to contact us if you would like any further information on our public areas.