AusGeo News  June 2006  Issue No. 82


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In this issue...


icon-Yilgarn article Going for Gold in the Eastern Yilgarn

New 3D maps of Australia’s premier gold province are now available. >>More | Download PDF



icon - Mt Isa 3D article Expanding our knowledge of Mt Isa to a third dimension

Australian researchers have been working together to interpret the geology and prospectivity of the Mount Isa Western Succession. >>More | Download PDF



icon - ASTER article Mineral Mapping with ASTER

Geoscience Australia has developed a new remote sensing tool that will assist explorers discover Australia’s future mineral wealth. >>More | Download PDF



icon - acreage articleNew petroleum acreage open to exploration

Offshore exploration permits at record high. >>More | Download PDF



icon - WA article Sourcing WA’s offshore natural gases

New isotope data uncovers the history of North West Shelf accumulations. >>More | Download PDF



icon - Infrasound article Listening to the Earth

A system to monitor H-bombs warns of other disasters. >>More | Download PDF



icon - Sediments article Estimating the influence of sediments on ground shaking

Predictive shear-wave velocity models for the Los Angeles Basin show limited relevance to Australian conditions. >>More | Download PDF

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