AusGeo News  March 2009  Issue No. 93

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Students go for gold

Figure 1.  The students gained experience in the interpretation of geological maps.

More than 60 senior secondary students visited Geoscience Australia's Canberra headquarters in January as part of the National Youth Science Forum program.

During the visit, students gained hands-on experience examining rock samples, interpreting maps and researching data from the remote gold fields of Western Australia. The visit introduced students to various aspects of the geosciences and was intended to encourage an interest in future study and careers in geoscience.

Figure 1. The students gained experience in the interpretation of geological maps.

The students were divided into specialised groups for the exercise, with the task of locating potential gold deposits using various techniques used for mineral exploration. They reviewed maps showing gravity and magnetic attraction, examined thin slices of rock under a microscope, and used geographic information systems (GIS) to integrate different types of relevant data. The aim of this exercise was to demonstrate how the different disciplines of geoscience are combined to aid mineral exploration and develop a greater understanding of the Earth.

While at Geoscience Australia, students also had an opportunity to talk to staff involved in the Geoscience Australia cadetship and graduate programs, as well as discovering some of the various career opportunities on offer at Geoscience Australia.

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