Derived data product DEA Intertidal

Last updated:19 June 2024

Updated Annually | Satellite data from Landsat and Sentinel-2 | Data since 2016 | Last update 2024

Dive into the dynamic coastal zone between land and sea

The DEA Intertidal product suite provides annual continental-scale elevation and exposure product layers for Australia’s exposed intertidal zone, mapped at a 10 m resolution from DEA’s archive of open-source Landsat and Sentinel-2 satellite data.

Supports coastal managers assess coastal impacts from extreme weather and inundation events, and shed light on historical erosion and sediment movements

Maps and models the ever-changing habitats of coastal fauna that inhabit the strand between terrestrial and marine environments

DEA Intertidal interactive map

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Why monitor the dynamic intertidal zone?

  • Use as baseline elevation data to assist coastal hazard impact assessment from extreme weather and inundation events
  • Investigate coastal erosion and sediment transport processes
  • Support habitat mapping and migratory species modelling for coastal ecosystems extending across the terrestrial to marine boundary
  • Integrate with existing topographic and bathymetric data to seamlessly map the elevation of the coastal zone

Dynamic data Understanding the coastal zone’s multiple dimensions with DEA Intertidal product suite

The Digital Earth Australia team have built a new intertidal product suite that captures our continent's dynamic coastal regions in unprecedented detail.

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