Earth Observation from Space

Geoscience Australia provides Earth observation services, expert advice, and information for decision makers.

Program objectives:

  • ensure continuity of access to remotely sensed information in support of government priorities;
  • promote use and value of satellite imagery within government and wider community;
  • advance remote sensing science through extracting value and use of EOS to its full potential;
  • provide data stewardship to ensure access to data; and
  • provide national imagery coordination for disasters and emergencies.

Melbourne 2004


An overview of Geoscience Australia's current Earth observation from space capabilities and long term priorities.

Case studies

Case Studies

Examples of how Earth observation data is used in policy formulation and decision making.

Contact Map

Contact Earth Observation

Contact information for enquiries, including email, location and opening hours.

Alice Springs


List of Earth observation products available from Geoscience Australia.

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