Publications and portals

Last updated:27 March 2024

Geoscience Australia produces a number of publications to support explorers, investors, researchers, industry and government to make evidence-based decisions for a strong economy, resilient society and sustainable environment.

Our tools provide valuable information about potential mineral, energy and groundwater resources in Australia, including pre-competitive geoscience information available to support mineral exploration in Australia.

Geoscience Australia’s Priority Projects make up a significant part of our annual work program, ensuring we deliver on commitments in our strategic plan: Strategy 2028.


  • Australian Critical Minerals Map
    A map showing the locations of Australian operating mines, mines under development, mines on care and maintenance and resource deposits associated with critical minerals. See also the accompanying Australian Critical Minerals Map Data.
  • Australian Energy Commodity Resources
    An annual assessment of Australia’s energy commodity reserves and resources providing information about Australia’s remaining recoverable resources of gas, oil, coal, uranium and thorium; production; trends; usage and outlook.
  • Australia's Energy and Mineral Resources Investor Guide
    A detailed guide for investors covering a variety of topics including: exploring for minerals in Australia, foreign investment guidelines and business entry into Australia, indigenous engagement, and mining equipment, technology and services. Available in English, Japanese and Korean.
  • Australia's Identified Mineral Resources
    An annual national assessment that provides a long-term view of Australian mineral resources. The assessment includes mineral inventories, evaluations of trends, world rankings, summaries of significant exploration results and brief reviews of mining industry developments.
  • Australian Mineral Exploration Review
    An annual review of mineral exploration trends, activities and discoveries in Australia.
  • Australian Operating Mines Map
    A map showing the locations of mines operating at the end of each calendar year, developing mines, and mines under care and maintenance in Australia. See also the accompanying Australian Operating Mines Map Data.
  • Exploring for the Future Impact Pathway
    The Exploring for the Future program is made up of eight interrelated projects aimed at improving our understanding and the development and management of Australia’s mineral, energy and groundwater potential for the benefit of all Australians.
  • Exploring for the Future newsletter
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  • Minerals Alert newsletter
    A monthly online newsletter with product news, data releases and project highlights relating to the minerals and energy exploration industries. Sign up here.


  • Exploring for the Future
    Exploring for the Future aims to drive investment in the resources and agricultural sectors by providing industry and land and water managers with pre-competitive data about potential mineral, energy and groundwater resources. This portal provides full access to new geoscience data as well as a suite of analytical and multi-criteria assessment tools, including our Mineral Potential and Economic Fairways mapping tools. The portal provides the ability for government planners, regulators and industry to access new data and apply a range of assessment tools to support evidence-based decisions.
  • Atlas of Australian Mine Waste
    Geoscience Australia has partnered with researchers at RMIT University, The University of Queensland and Australia’s state geological surveys to generate Australia’s first national Atlas of Australian Mine Waste. The Atlas is an interactive online mapping tool that provides accurate information about Australian mine tailings, waste rock, smelter residues and related mine waste materials, identifying potential new opportunities for critical minerals supply and supporting the sustainable and economic recovery of critical minerals from mine waste.
  • Critical Minerals Mapping Initiative
    The Critical Minerals Mapping Initiative (CMMI) portal is a free interactive mapping and data discovery tool. It is a joint collaboration between Australia, Canada and the United States, designed to help build a diversified critical minerals industry in all three countries.