Digital Mapping Australia

Last updated:7 June 2023

The new Digital Mapping Australia (DMA) initiative will modernise how government gets and uses digital mapping by making it faster and easier to get seamless digital mapping across Australia, such as transport, built environment and utilities data.

Digital Mapping Australia is needed so that all users across government can quickly and easily get the same trusted digital mapping for better decision making.

The Digital Mapping Australia program will focus on four key areas:

  • getting all levels of government and the private sector working better together to share digital mapping across Australia, for government and the emergency management community,
  • finding the most trusted digital mapping available and to use this trusted data as the foundation base and build from it, adding new data over time,
  • designing the best way to show digital mapping across state and territory borders, and
  • setting up sustainable and secure delivery channels for seamless digital mapping across Australia making it faster and easier for end users to regularly find, view, use and download trusted digital mapping.

Digital Mapping Australia is now working with data mangers across government and the private sector to better understand their business and digital mapping needs.

Within the first 18 months, Digital Mapping Australia will make available the essential foundation base of topographic data across Australia. Over the next 5 years, Digital Mapping Australia will build on the foundation base by adding more complex digital mapping, data rich in detail that is important for decision makers.

In addition to Digital Mapping Australia, Geoscience Australia is providing leadership in spatial and positioning initiatives such as Location Index, the Positioning Australia Program, the Australian Geospatial Reference System, EM-LINK, FSDF-LINK, and the Digital Earth Australia program.