Positioning Australia webinar series

Last updated:8 April 2022

Welcome to Positioning Australia's 2020 webinar series.

These webinars are for anyone with an interest in learning more about Geoscience Australia's programs and projects that are delivering a national capability of accurate and reliable positioning anywhere, anytime.

These include the Australian Geospatial Reference System, the GNSS Data Centre, the next generation version of AUSPOS, and the new Analysis Centre Software.

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Webinar schedule

Held Tuesday 5 May, 2.00 pm AEST

Tools for Working with the Australian Geospatial Reference System (Recording)

  • This webinar provides an introduction to the Australian Geospatial Reference System: the collection of datums, geoid models, transformation tools and standards required for 4D positioning.
  • The webinar provides an introduction and demonstration of geodetic Python software (GeodePy) which can be used for datum transformations and coordinate conversions; including a live example of using the tools e.g., propagating GDA2020 coordinates to a different epoch, and Vincenty's formula; and a brief tour of the DynAdjust repository.
  • PowerPoint Slides [PDF 631.7 KB]
  • Handout [PDF 58.4 KB]
  • Example – GDA2020
  • Example – MGA94
  • Questions and answers [PDF 239.0 KB]

Held Tuesday 12 May, 11.00 am AEST

GNSS analysis toolkit demonstration – our new analysis software (Recording)

  • This webinar covers the latest release of the POD - Precise Orbit Determination module a key component of our GNSS analysis toolkit.
  • This package is capable of fitting, integrating, and predicting satellite trajectories for multiple navigation constellations: GPS (American), GLONASS (Russian), Galileo (European), Beidou (Chinese) and QZSS (Japanese).
  • The webinar provides an update on the complete GNSS toolkit, before going over some background to orbit modelling techniques for GNSS.
  • Users are guided through set examples on using the package to fit, integrate and predict satellite trajectories for the multiple navigation constellations.
  • PowerPoint Slides [PDF 6.6 MB]
  • Questions and answers [PDF 315.1 KB]

Held Tuesday 26 May, 11.00 am AEST

Navigating the Positioning Australia GNSS data centre (Recording)

  • GNSS Data Centre session (Basic) providing an overview of the GNSS data centre. At the end of the session users will be able to find and download RINEX files, subscribe to the AUSCORS NTRIP caster and search station metadata.
  • GNSS Data Centre (Advanced) This session is aimed at "power users" who have a need to ingest large volumes of data in an automated fashion. At the end of this session users will be able to interact with our data centre APIs to access GNSS data and metadata.

Held Friday 12 June, 11.00 am AEST

AUSPOS in the cloud: Q&A (Recording)

  • Come and hear about the new version of AUSPOS that is based in the cloud.
  • AUSPOS is a free online GPS data processing facility provided by Geoscience Australia. This service processes GPS RINEX data to provide coordinates in ITRF, and for users in Australia, coordinates are also provided in GDA2020 and GDA94.
  • AUSPOS in the cloud is RINEX3 compatible and will also be capable of processing the L1 and L2 observable types specified in RINEX3.
  • In this webinar we will cover some FAQs; how to check your data before submission; what reference stations are used; how it works; how to interpret the results; and a breakdown of the AUSPOS report.
  • PowerPoint Slides [PDF 3.1 MB]
  • Questions and answers [PDF 502.5 KB]

For more information on the webinar series or Positioning Australia, visit the Positioning Australia website, sign up for our regular newsletter or email npi@ga.gov.au.