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Inmarsat 4F1 satellite in space

SouthPAN early Open Services are live

27 September 2022

Industry can now access the benefits of accurate and reliable positioning services from the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network (SouthPAN), with early Open Services live as of today.

Two large satellite dishes

Australia & New Zealand advance world-class satellite positioning

16 September 2022

Businesses, farmers and first responders across Australia and New Zealand will reap the benefits from greater satellite positioning accuracy with the award of an AUD$1.18 billion, 19-year contract to bring the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network (SouthPAN) to life.

Seeking Expressions of Interest for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Ground Station Site Hosts

24 February 2022

Positioning Australia is the Geoscience Australia program delivering a national capability of accurate and reliable positioning anywhere, anytime.


GPS upgrade putting robots on the road to fast track major infrastructure projects

24 January 2022

Led by Geoscience Australia, the Commonwealth Government will deliver an extra 57 satellite reference stations nationally as part of our 700-plus strong reference station network, partnering with industry and state governments.

Ginan logo

Ginan to guide the way for Positioning Australia

22 September 2021

A star that aided the First Australians as they navigated across the continent will be the name of new positioning software that has been developed by Geoscience Australia.

Update on SouthPAN

6 August 2021

The Australian and New Zealand Governments are delivering on their plan to provide early services from the SouthPAN satellite-based augmentation system in 2022.

SouthPAN to position Australia and New Zealand into the future

11 December 2020

Australia and New Zealand’s operational Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) has officially been named the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network, or SouthPAN.

Hayabusa2 re-entry to improve Australia’s satellite positioning

9 December 2020

Geoscience Australia has monitored the re-entry of the Hayabusa2 sample capsule through the Earth’s atmosphere, providing valuable information to help improve the accuracy of GPS navigation in Australia.

Pinpointing the uses of precise positioning

4 December 2020

Geoscience Australia is asking industry representatives from a wide range of sectors to share their experiences of using precise positioning technology.

Approach to Market for Satellite Based Augmentation System

16 March 2020

Geoscience Australia and New Zealand have committed to implementing an operational satellite based augmentation system, called the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network.

Accurate positioning across Australasia

3 March 2020

Australia and New Zealand are a step closer to improving the accuracy of global positioning signals across the Australasian region.

Economic benefits of satellite positioning more than $6 billion

16 August 2019

The Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan this week released an independent economic benefits analysis by EY into the trial of a Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for Australia and New Zealand.

Industry trial of Australian Satellite-Based Augmentation System officially launched

9 November 2017

The Australian Government today launched a trial of Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for the Australasian region at an event at CQUniversity Australia's Rockhampton campus.

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