AUSGeoid09 is a 1’ by 1’ (approximately 1.8 km) grid used to transfer heights between the ellipsoid (GDA94) and the Australian Height Datum (AHD). Unlike previous versions of AUSGeoid (‘93/’98), AUSGeoid09 provides users with the height offset between the ellipsoid and AHD as opposed to the ellipsoid and the geoid.

Use the tools provided below to convert your data interactively (left tab) or submit a file to process multiple points at once (right tab).

AUSGeoid09 Version Control

The version of AUSGeoid09 currently in use on this website is:

Version: AUSGeoid09 V1.01
Release Date: 11 April 2011

Note: The only difference between the current version and previous version (V1.00) is a slight improvement in the accuracy of the deviations of the vertical. There is no change to the N values (ellipsoid to AHD).

Download a full history of changes in AUSGeoid09 versions.

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AUSGeoid09 extents are lat [-8 and -46] lon [108 and 160].

GDA94 Latitude: GDA94 Longitude:
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Ellipsoidal AHD
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NOTE: the format required is Comma Separated Version (.csv). All input data must be in GDA94 format

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Output format is lat, long, height, DoV PM, DoV PV

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Decimal Degrees or Degrees Minutes Seconds
Ellipsoidal Height or AHD Height

Download AUSGeoid09 grid files

The national AUSGeoid09 grid file or components of it can be downloaded and used to compute AHD heights in real time when used in Real Time Kinematic GNSS receivers. Alternatively, a batch processing system is available above to interpolate an AHD value from the GNSS data in the office.

AUSGeoid09 data files contain data covering the Australian region. The data is available for each State and in 1:250K map sheets in unix and text format which you can use to interpolate geoid-ellipsoid separations for the positions required. You can use your own interpolation software, or you can use the interpolation software developed by Roger Fraser (Geoid_Interpolator). This can be downloaded from the ICSM website.