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November 2010 meeting

The National Flood Risk Advisory Group (NFRAG) met in Brisbane on 17 November 2010. Following a number of changes in the emergency management arena, NFRAG’s position as a reference group of the newly formed National Emergency Management Committee (NEMC) was confirmed.

The meeting provided an opportunity for all levels of government and industry to share information on climate change, key developments in flood policy and flood related activities in their jurisdiction. The Group was also updated on other related national committees including the NEMC and received updates on progress with the NFRAG work program. In particular, NFRAG members discussed progress on the development of the Australian Floodplain Management Manual, of which four draft chapters will be circulated within the group for review by January 2011. The importance of consulting as widely as possible on the manual during 2011, possibly through a series of workshops was discussed.

The Australian Flood Studies Database Data Entry Tool was also discussed. Expected to be finalised in December, the tool will enable registered users (initially state and territory governments) to add additional studies to the publicly available Australian Flood Studies Database. In response to feedback from stakeholders in the 2009 review of the database, in 2011 the database will be further enhanced through the addition of soft copies of flood study reports. Users will also be able to make modifications to existing studies in the database.

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