National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines

The National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG) form one part of the National Risk Assessment Framework endorsed by the Australian Emergency Management Committee External site link in 2007.

The Guidelines were prepared to improve the consistency and rigour of emergency risk assessments, increase the quality and comparability of information on risk and improve the national evidence-base on emergency risks in Australia. They are suitable for application across all hazards (excluding terrorism) and are important in assessing future risks to community impact from climate change.

The Guidelines incorporate innovative new tools for emergency risk assessments through the development of a risk register, confidence levels and standardised tables of consequence and likelihood.

The Guidelines provide a contextualised emergency risk assessment methodology consistent with the Australian/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS 4360:2004) Risk Management and the International Standard (ISO 31000:2009) Risk management - principles and guidelines.

Their use will increase community resilience to natural disasters and align with the Disaster Resilience Program being administered by the Attorney Generals Department.

Download the current draft of National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines External site link (August 2009).

Intended users of the Guidelines

The audience for the guidelines includes risk study sponsors, team leaders, subject matter experts (e.g. hazard leaders), and facilitators for emergency risk studies. However, the NERAG will meet the needs of a range of stakeholders, including those responsible for developing emergency risk management policy, those accountable for ensuring risk is effectively managed in a community or organisation, specialist risk practitioners who must apply the methodology, and those who evaluate the effectiveness of emergency risk management practices.

Where to from here?

The current draft available for download (August 2009) represents the third iteration of the Guidelines. The Guidelines have been undergoing extensive review by Australian, State and Local governments as well as peak national industry organisations.

It is anticipated the Guidelines will be published following a final review which commenced in September 2009. Read more about the NERAG Project External site link.

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