Updated:   11 December 2006

Use of the Technical Specifications


Section 1 specifies the TOPO250K and TOPO100K National Topographic Database (NTDB) products, and sets out the minimum quality standard for the data in terms of its planimetric and altimetric accuracy, geometrical aspects, feature content, topological structure and the rules used in the collection and attribution of the data. These databases are used for the revision and maintenance of topographic mapping data at 1:250 000 and 1:100 000 scales, together with customised maps as required. Key characteristics of the NTDBs are national consistency and assured quality.

Section 2 specifies the National Topographic Map Series (NTMS) products. NTMS maps are hard copy topographic maps produced primarily to support environmental and resource planning and for navigation. As for the TOPO250K and TOPO100K NTDBs, key characteristics of the NTMS products are national consistency and assured quality.

Section 3 specifies the structure and structural rules of Geoscience Australia's TOPO250K and TOPO100K NTDBs, and lists the documentation and material that will accompany the revised databases and/or map on submission to Geoscience Australia.

A number of Appendices support the three sections.

Sections 1 and 2 are designed to allow use outside this combined specification. However, for production all sections of the specification should be read together, as specifications for one product impact on the others. Similarly the specification covers both 1:100 000 and 1:250 000 scale products. Elements specific to one scale or the other are identified in the specification.

Appendix A - the Feature Type Dictionary is the primary reference containing detailed information on the definition, conditions of use and other reference information for valid feature types.

These specifications and the associated table below represents the Production geodatabase schema. This schema differs in structure and precision to the Distribution geodatabase schema supplied by Geoscience Australia to the public via on–line downloads and packaged products. A distribution schema to production schema cross reference is provided to assist in translation by users.

Users should always refer to the Feature Type Cross Reference Tables in Appendix R as a first step, to ensure the feature type they are dealing with is listed, as many feature types are known by different names by different individuals, organisations and in different States. The column titled 'Commonly used term' of the Feature Type Cross Reference Tables lists the known names for features while the 'Feature Type' column guides the user to the name used for the feature type in the specifications.

Below is a complete list on the Sections and Appendices held within this specification. Each Section and Appendix provides a link to all areas on the left hand side of the page, to gain a heading description for each Section and Appendix merely rest your mouse on the link.

Section/Appendix Heading
Amendment Register 
Use of the Technical Specifications 
Distribution and Suggestions for Change 
Section 1TOPO250K and TOPO100K National Topographic Database Structure and Specifications
Section 2NTMS Specification
Section 3National Topographic Database Production Information
Appendix AFeature Type Dictionary
Appendix BNTMS Map Layout Guides
Appendix CFence and Water Facility Guide
Appendix DInland Water Features Guide
Appendix ELimits of Oceans and Seas
Appendix G1:250 000 & 1:100 000 NTMS Map Indexes
Appendix HMap Boundaries / Extents Guide
Appendix JValidation Tests
Appendix LGlossary
Appendix MThe Geocentric Datum of Australia
Appendix NHistory of the National Topographic Map Series (NTMS), NATMAP Series and GEODATA Vector Product
Appendix OIndigenous Lands Guide
Appendix PMap Grid of Australia 100 000 Metre Square Identification Diagram
Appendix QGEODATA / Geodatabase Cross Reference
Appendix RFeature Type Cross Reference Tables
Appendix SSymbol Dictionary for Topographic Map Production
Appendix TType Style Samples
Appendix UImagery Interpretation Guide
Appendix VRaster Product Specifications

Please Note: There have been deliberate gaps left in the naming of the appendices (Appendix F,I,K), as these letters have been designated for future inclusions within this specification.

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