Antarctic Geoscience Project

Last updated:7 June 2023

Geoscience Australia's Antarctic Geoscience project advises the Australian Government on Antarctic Geoscience issues, as required, in support of the& Australian Government's Antarctic Science Strategic Plan (2011-21) and the Australian government's commitments and obligations under the Antarctic Treaty System.

In this role Geoscience Australia's Antarctic Geoscience program:

  • Provides leadership for Antarctic geoscience research by directing research contributing to the Australian Governments' Antarctic Strategic Plan
  • carries out marine and onshore applied geoscience research in the Antarctic to service the Australian Government's objectives for Antarctic research in line with Geoscience Australia's Strategic Plan and the Australian Government Science Strategic Plan for Antarctic Research
  • provides geoscience advice for formulating appropriate environmental management of vulnerable and threatened onshore and marine ecosystems and non-living features within the Australian Antarctic Territory and adjacent marine jurisdictions
  • publication of geoscience maps and related products of the Australian Antarctic Territory.