AusGeo News  June 2007  Issue No. 86


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In this issue...


icon - acreage article Offshore petroleum exploration set to increase

Recent successes have significantly increased known oil and gas reserves. >>More | Download PDF



icon - seismic article Promising results from Capel and Faust Basins seismic survey

New data point to hydrocarbon potential. >>More | Download PDF



icon - onshore article Onshore Energy Security Program takes off

Search for new energy sources is underway. >>More | Download PDF



icon - geochemical articleRegional geochemical study paves way for national survey

Geochemistry of surface regolith points to new resources. >>More | Download PDF



icon - marine article High seas and marine protected areas

GIS analysis of seafloor geomorphology exposes conservation concerns. >>More | Download PDF



icon - mineral article Australian mineral exploration growing strongly

Strong demand underpins higher spending. >>More | Download PDF



icon - observatory article Gnangara geomagnetic observatory–50 years young

Australian geomagnetic studies go back 167 years. >>More | Download PDF

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