Updated: 1 December 2007

Appendix D - Inland Water Features Guide

1. Background, Description & Supply of the Digital Inland Water Features Guide

1.1 Background

This guide originates from a guide produced by geographers in AUSLIG for inclusion in the SYMBAS 1988 Specifications, produced by the Royal Australian Survey Corps. The guide remains relevant and is the best available for the classification of inland water features. The major modification from the original guide is the combination of the intermittent and mainly dry water classifications into a non-perennial classification. This guide shows major perennial and non perennial watercourses and minor perennial watercourses only. Watercourses not shown on this guide will be classified as minor non-perennial except tidal watercourses in areas of mangrove which are always to be shown as perennial.

1.2 Geodatabase Description

Arc Attribute Item Definition:

CODE [10,10,C]: Relates to the Hierarchy and perenniality of rivers and the perenniality of Significant Lake features.

Coast -Indicates a representation of the coastline. This data should not take precedence over existing coastline definition in base data or base mapping.
Reservoir-Indicates Non-perennial Lake features.
Lakeper-Indicates Perennial Lake features.
RivMjnonp-Indicates Major Non-perennial river/watercourse features
RivMjper-Indicates Major Perennial river/watercourse features
RivMnper-Indicates Minor Perennial river/watercourse features

1.3 Supply

The Appendix D guide is supplied in both a Geodatabase (Geographical GDA94) and PDF format , with the release of each specification version. Updates may be supplied with an amendment, if appropriate.

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