Updated: 1 December 2007

Appendix Q - GEODATA / Geodatabase Cross Reference

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NOTE: This appendix was not maintained in the upgrade from version 4 to version 5 Specifications. It has been retained for historical reference only and is inconsistent with the new version 5 specification models.

1. Background

This cross reference is designed and provided to enable users to see the relationship between the original GEODATA entities and their equivalent classification on translation to the Geodatabase. The features are referenced according to the relevant scale to which they relate ie. either 100K Scale or 250K Scale.

Full structural details relating to each of the respective GEODATA and Geodatabase entities are listed for comparison purposes, and these details are listed below in the order they appear in the table:


  • Arc/Info Coverage identifier
  • Arc/Info Feature Class (ie. topology)
  • Feat_code
  • Additional Geodata Criteria (individual Entity code etc)
  • DQT Value (Q_INFO suffix)


  • Feature Dataset
  • Feature Class
  • Feature Type
  • Subtype Code
  • Subtype description

2. Supply

The Appendix Q 'GEODATA / Geodatabase Cross Reference' file is supplied in PDF format (Sorted by Feature Dataset), PDF format (Sorted by Coverage) and Microsoft Excel format

Please note:

This document is supplied on a "once-only" basis and will not be maintained with future Version 4.0 amendment releases. It is simply provided as a reference document to enable producers to relate the original GEODATA structure to the new Geodatabase structure.

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