Updated: 1 December 2007

Appendix E - Limits of Oceans and Seas

1. Background, Description & Supply of the Digital Limits of Oceans and Seas Guide

1.1 Background

Information on this guide has been supplied by the Australian Hydrographic Office, Royal Australian Navy, Wollongong NSW. The guide shows Australia and Adjacent Waters with Limits of Oceans and Seas. Boundaries shown on this guide are to be used as an aid to Ocean and Sea name placement only; no authority for legal or political boundaries is implied.

Note: the "other waters" category is not comprehensive and does not imply other large water bodies such as Spencer Gulf should be unnamed.

See also Section 3 Chapter 6.9.9 and Appendix A, Feature Class Dictionary; Junction and Sea.

1.2 Geodatabase Description

The digital data was sourced from the 250k Topographic Seamless Geodatabase, and information from the Australian Hydrographic Office.

Please Note: One Polygon may have the name field populated in all three categories of Ocean, Sea and Other waters.

Polygon Attribute Item Definition:

FEAT_CODE [12,12,C] : Definition of island, mainland and water
OCEAN_NAME [50,50,C] : Ocean name of represented area
SEA_NAME [50,50,C] : Sea name of represented area
OTHER_WATER_NAME [50,50,C] : Other waters name of represented area
STATE [1,1,I] : Related to state codes (as in specifications Appendix A Island)
ISLAND_NAME [50,50,C] : Island name of represented area ( to be used only to assist locational placement)

Arc Attribute Item Definition:

BOUNDARY [25,25,C] :Type of boundary feature (e.g. limit of data, sea boundary, etc)

1.3 Supply

The Appendix E guide is supplied in both a Geodatabase (Geographical GDA94) and PDF format , with the release of each specification version. Updates may be supplied with an amendment, if appropriate.

Unless otherwise noted, all Geoscience Australia material on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence.