Securing Australia's Water Resources

Vulnerability of Groundwater to Climate Change Impacts in Timor-Leste
Geoscience Australia has worked with the Government of Timor-Leste's National Directorate for Water Resource Management (DNGRA) and the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (BESIK).
Regional hydrogeological characterisation studies in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria
Geoscience Australia has undertaken a desktop study to better understand the hydrogeology and groundwater resources of four coal basins in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.
Groundwater hydrochemical characterisation of the Surat Region and Laura Basin - Queensland
This desktop study aims to characterise the hydrogeochemistry of groundwater associated with coal seams and surrounding aquifers in Queenland's Surat Region and Laura Basin.
Pacific Island Groundwater and Future Climates: First-Pass Regional Vulnerability Assessment
Geoscience Australia has undertaken a regional study to better understand the vulnerability of fresh groundwater systems to future climates.
Broken Hill Managed Aquifer Recharge Project (BHMAR)
The BHMAR project was undertaken to investigate and provide recommendations for groundwater-related options to help secure Broken Hill's water supply during drought.
Palaeovalley Groundwater Resources Project
This national-scale work significantly improved Australia's capacity to assess groundwater resources in palaeovalley systems in the most cost-effective manner.
Bioregional Assessment Programme
Bioregional assessments are world-first, science based studies that will develop detailed, multi-layered records of the natural environment in a particular geographic region.
A National Scale Vulnerability Assessment of Seawater Intrusion Project
Geoscience Australia undertook a national-scale assessment of the vulnerability of coastal aquifers to seawater intrusion.
Sustainable Management of Coastal Groundwater Resources Project
This project aims to improve water management in coastal aquifers through the demonstration of an integrated approach to managing the availability and quality of coastal groundwater resources.
 Groundwater Advice
Geoscience Australia provides professional hydrogeological advice and information to the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, natural resource management authorities and the community.
 Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment
Provides advice and information to the Australian, State and Territory Governments, natural resource authorities and the community on a variety of groundwater resource issues.