APS census results

The Australian Public Service (APS) employee census collects confidential attitude and opinion information from APS employees on important issues including their health and wellbeing, attendance, performance management, leadership, and general impressions of the APS. The employee census is administered to all APS employees between May and June each year.

Geoscience Australia is committed to increasing transparency and accountability. We are proud to join a number of APS agencies in voluntarily making our 2019 employee census results publicly available. The agency-level results from this year’s APS employee census are the first ever to be published.

Our results

Our results from the 2019 APS employee census indicate we have made significant improvements on a range of issues, including employee perceptions of our Senior Executive Service and non-monetary employment conditions.

We have identified areas for further development, such as risk and change management. Based on our 2019 employee census results, action plans are being developed for sustainable improvement in these areas.

If you are planning to analyse data from our 2019 employee census results, we encourage you to consider it in context. The APS is made up of more than 100 agencies of varying sizes and functions. Similar agency sizes and functions should be taken into account when comparing data. More information on interpreting, benchmarking and comparing agency-level results from the 2019 employee census is available from the APS Commission website.

  • Geoscience Australia 2019 APS Employee Census Results [PDF 488.2 KB]