Projects Trusted Environmental and Geological Information Program

Last updated:5 September 2023

The Trusted Environmental and Geological Information program (TEGI) is providing better and more streamlined access to information and data for geological basins prospective for energy, carbon capture and storage, groundwater and minerals.

The program focused on four basin regions, north Bowen, Galilee, Cooper and Adavale and developed a repository of the latest trusted baseline data and information on geology, resources, groundwater, surface water and the environment for each of these basin regions. This repository provides Australian governments, industry and communities with the highest-quality data and information available to make faster, clearer decisions and provide better outcomes for the environment and water resources.

Providing better and more streamlined access to information and data

The Department of Industry, Science and Resources (DISR) engaged Geoscience Australia in collaboration with CSIRO to deliver better data for important basin regions. The data, information and tools delivered by this program will improve the understanding of past and present conditions across each of the basins being investigated. The regions being investigated through the TEGI program include the north Bowen, Galilee, Cooper and Adavale basin regions.

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Data and information repository

For each basin region, data packages and supporting information products are available across the themes of energy, minerals, carbon capture and storage, water resources and the environment.

The data package for each theme comes with an associated data guide. These data guides provide an overview of the data and information available and illustrate examples of how the collected data and information can be used.

North Bowen basin region

The north Bowen basin region investigated in the TEGI program is a subset of the Bowen Basin located in central-eastern Queensland.

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Galilee basin region
Galilee basin region

The Galilee basin region is located in southern and central Queensland covering approximately 249,000 km²

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Cooper basin region
Cooper basin region

The Cooper basin region is located mostly in south-western Queensland and extends into north-eastern South Australia and partially into New South Wales.

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Adavale basin region
Adavale basin region

The Adavale basin region is in southern central Queensland covering an area of approximately 142,000 km².

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All data and products

A collection of GIS data and documents on the geology of each basin, supported by a data guide.

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News and resources

Latest news and resources from the Trusted Environmental and Geological Information program

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