Petroleum Geology of Offshore Basins

The Australian Government releases offshore areas for greenhouse gas storage and petroleum exploration as part of the government’s strategy to support the identification of suitable greenhouse gas storage sites and to promote the exploration for oil and natural gas. Each year, the government invites companies to bid for the opportunity to invest in greenhouse gas storage projects and petroleum exploration programs in Commonwealth waters under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006.

Geoscience Australia supports these releases and ongoing investment in exploration with a suite of regional petroleum geological information sets, comprising summaries on stratigraphy, petroleum systems, exploration histories, marine environmental information and key references. Also included are various thematic maps and figures. Updated information for key basins is available via the Acreage Release tab. Legacy information is organised according to the major sedimentary basins and can be accessed by selecting the region of interest on the left or below. The Acreage Release pages undergo regular updates and will be expanded to provide information for all Australian offshore basins.

Information on Australia's onshore and offshore sedimentary basins is also available from Geoscience Australia's Australian Geological Provinces Database. This database can be interactively queried using the Geoscience Australia Data Discovery Portal.

Legacy information on the petroleum geology of Australia’s basins is provided below. Updated information is available for key basins via the Acreage Release tab on the left.

Thumbnail of Offshore North West Australia basins

Offshore Northwest Australia

Basins included in this area are: Arafura Basin, Bonaparte Basin, Browse Basin, Money Shoal Basin and Roebuck Basin.

Thumbnail of Offshore Southern Australia Basins

Offshore Southern Australia

Basins included in this area are: Bass Basin, Bight Basin, Gippsland Basin, Otway Basin, Sorell Basin.

Thumbnail of Onshore Australia Basins

Onshore Australia

Basins included in this area are: Adavale Basin, Bowen Basin, Darling Basin, Officer Basin, Ipswich Basin.