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Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field Values Application
An application to calculate geomagnetic field values in Australia using the 2010 Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field model (AGRF) model.
Minute Values Request Form Application
Minute Values Request Form
SUNAZ is a set of computer programs comprising SUNAZ and SUNIN to calculate azimuth-by-hour-angle observations of the Sun to determine true north azimuth to an azimuth mark based on the observing proforma described in K.A. Weinert (1980), Notes on Geomagnetic Observatory and Survey Practice, Earth Science 5, UNESCO, paragraph 246, page 36, using the algorithm described in G.G.Bennett (1980), "A Solar Ephemeris for use with Programmable Calculators", The Australian Surveyor, Vol.30, No.3, pp 147-151.