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A convoy of vibroseis trucks as seen from a Drone

Uncovering resource potential for a low-emissions future

8 August 2022

Geoscience Australia will kick off a three-day virtual showcase today that is set to highlight the crucial role of Australian Government science in unlocking our low-emissions future.

Large trucks driving on a dirt road

‘Thumper trucks’ on the move across south-eastern Australia

20 July 2022

A slow-moving convoy of trucks will help uncover the origins of ancient supercontinents, by sending vibrations deep into the Earth to build a picture of what lies beneath south-eastern Australia.

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Australia’s Energy Commodity Resources 2022 released

19 July 2022

Australia’s status as a global energy powerhouse has been confirmed through the 2022 Australian Energy Commodity Resource (AECR) assessment.

Artwork on a wall

Geoscience Australia collections inspire Artist-in-Residence Exhibition

8 July 2022

CONFLUENCE, an exhibition featuring artwork influenced by Geoscience Australia’s National Mineral and Fossil Collection and the Namadgi National Park, received a warm reception at its opening this week.

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Geoscience Australia to undertake Earthquake Risk Assessment in northern Papua New Guinea

4 July 2022

Geoscience Australia is helping to understand the risk posed by earthquakes to Papua New Guinea’s second largest city, as part of a new project.

Microfossils from the earliest land plants provide clues about Australia’s petroleum potential

16 June 2022

Microfossils derived from the earliest land plants and extinct marine groups have been recovered from 42 samples taken from the Barnicarndy 1 well, drilled in partnership with the Geological Survey of Western Australia in the onshore Canning Basin in Western Australia.

Fieldwork unearths scars from ancient earthquakes near Adelaide

8 June 2022

Scientists have been hunting for signs of ancient earthquakes near Adelaide to better understand the earthquake risk to the city.

Be Brave. Make Change: ABC’s Dan Bourchier to deliver public talk for National Reconciliation Week

26 May 2022

Multi-award winning journalist Dan Bourchier will share his experiences as a First Nations Australian and his views on how to be a good ally for First Nations Australians at a public talk at Geoscience Australia on Tuesday 31 May.

Researchers uncover the sweet spot for gold discovery

20 May 2022

A Geoscience Australia-led team of researchers have made it easier for explorers to strike gold, by uncovering previously unknown patterns in global geology that can be used to explore for gold deposits.

Geoscience Australia welcomes its 150,000th student

12 May 2022

This week, Geoscience Australia welcomed its 150,000th student through the doors of its Education Centre since it opened in October 1999.

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