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Latest research strengthens cyclone preparedness

28 September 2021

New research that demonstrates the potential impact of tropical cyclones on Western Australian homes will assist local communities to prepare for extreme weather ahead of the upcoming wet season.

Rawson VIC aftershock map 23 September 2021

Victoria’s biggest earthquake on record

23 September 2021

Geoscience Australia says more aftershocks may be felt across Victoria, after the largest onshore earthquake for the state was recorded on Wednesday.

Seismograph screenshot

Recent earthquake in Victoria

22 September 2021

Geoscience Australia can confirm that a 5.9 magnitude earthquake was recorded at 09.15 AEST, Wednesday, 22 September 2021.

Ginan logo

Ginan to guide the way for Positioning Australia

22 September 2021

A star that aided the First Australians as they navigated across the continent will be the name of new positioning software that has been developed by Geoscience Australia.

First major release from expanded Exploring for the Future program

15 September 2021

New airborne electromagnetic data from the Exploring for the Future program will provide an unprecedented snapshot of the geology of south-eastern Australia.

view of earth from space

Key step taken for Digital Earth Africa

6 August 2021

Geoscience Australia has reached another milestone in the establishment phase of Digital Earth Africa, with the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) appointed to host the Program Management Office going forward.

Update on SouthPAN

6 August 2021

The Australian and New Zealand Governments are delivering on their plan to provide early services from the SouthPAN satellite-based augmentation system in 2022.

Critical minerals portal to strengthen supply chains

29 June 2021

Geoscience Australia has taken a key step in its partnership with the United States Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada, with the release of the Critical Minerals Mapping Initiative online portal today.

Geoscience Australia releases inaugural Australian Energy Commodity Resources assessment

16 June 2021

Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia Keith Pitt today launched the inaugural Australia’s Energy Commodity Resources (AECR) 2021 publication, a national stocktake of our natural gas, coal, and uranium resources.

CEO Statement on Budget 2021-22

12 May 2021

Recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Summer bushfires have demonstrated the urgent need for timely, authoritative and accessible information to make informed decisions to strengthen Australians’ resilience to disasters and open up new economic and social opportunities to grow Australia’s future.

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