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Pacific cooperation for improved science and improved safety: Tonga’s Minister Lord Tu'i'afitu visits Geoscience Australia

6 December 2022

The Government of Tonga’s Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, the Hon Lord Tu'i'afitu, has visited Geoscience Australia to relay his nation’s thanks to staff who responded to the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano explosion in January.

New laboratory to support next generation of Earth science

24 November 2022

Geoscience Australia is ready to support the next generation of Earth science advances, after its new modern laboratory was officially opened today by Minister for Resources and Northern Australia the Hon Madeleine King.

Marine Geoscience in action: a search for green doughnuts

16 November 2022

Geoscience Australia’s Marine Geoscientist Dr Mardi McNeil has been to many interesting places in her career, and her latest voyage to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was no exception.

Satellites in space

SouthPAN early Open Services are live

27 September 2022

Industry can now access the benefits of accurate and reliable positioning services from the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network (SouthPAN), with early Open Services live as of 26 September 2022.

Two large satellite dishes

Australia & New Zealand advance world-class satellite positioning

16 September 2022

Businesses, farmers and first responders across Australia and New Zealand will reap the benefits from greater satellite positioning accuracy with the award of an AUD$1.18 billion, 19-year contract to bring the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network (SouthPAN) to life.

Digital Earth Africa Becomes African Owned and Run

16 August 2022

African leadership will take the powerful Earth observation tool Digital Earth Africa forward. This platform provides freely available analysis ready data that covers the entire African continent—home to one in six people on Earth.


Salt caverns and minerals across Australia unlock our nations hydrogen industry

10 August 2022

Australia has the right ingredients to become a global hydrogen superpower, according to new data from the Australian Government’s Exploring for the Future program.

A convoy of vibroseis trucks as seen from a Drone

Uncovering resource potential for a low-emissions future

8 August 2022

Geoscience Australia will kick off a three-day virtual showcase today that is set to highlight the crucial role of Australian Government science in unlocking our low-emissions future.

Large trucks driving on a dirt road

‘Thumper trucks’ on the move across south-eastern Australia

20 July 2022

A slow-moving convoy of trucks will help uncover the origins of ancient supercontinents, by sending vibrations deep into the Earth to build a picture of what lies beneath south-eastern Australia.

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Australia’s Energy Commodity Resources 2022 released

19 July 2022

Australia’s status as a global energy powerhouse has been confirmed through the 2022 Australian Energy Commodity Resource (AECR) assessment.

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