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Between 3 May 2012 to 24 June 2012 Geoscience Australia undertook two major surveys off the coast of the Northern Territory in the Petrel Sub-Basin. The data acquisition was funded through the National Low Emissions Coal Initiative (NLECI) and the Petrel Sub-basin was selected in particular as it has been identified as a prospective area for CO2 storage. These surveys collected a range of data, including industry standard high resolution seismic reflection data, multibeam data and sub-bottom profiler data. This data is available for purchase as raw or final products. PETREL SUB-BASIN C02 DATA PACKAGE CONTENTS: GA336 2D seismic reflection data - 4091 line kilometres GA336 Velocities, navigation, processing and acquisition reports GA336 Multibeam data - 8000 line kilometres GA335 2D 24-ch sub-bottom profiler data - 655 line kilometres GA335 Multibeam and backscatter data - 5300 line kilometres GA335 Underwater videography at 11 stations GA335 Biological, sedimentological and geochemistry analyses for 15 stations GA335 Post survey report